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hey lil star. i know u can get very lonely out here in this big universe, but it’s okay. just look around u. u r part of constellations and galaxies and u r shining so bright. please keep shining u look so beautiful.


Draw me like your French Men.

I finished the dang Saeki plush. I purposely made him big :D

I based the design of MFW party.


I was initially planning on being a casual fan, but then I thought, why not just let it consume my soul instead? 

Voltage Get To Know Me: Guys similar to me in personality [3/5] + Ren Shibasaki

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This is the Accent Challenge I kept getting tagged in. Finally doing it because I’m going to leave for a bit on a cruise.

Let me know if it doesn’t play and I will try to fix it. Thanks. :)

Edit: I have been told that this darn thing won’t play, so try this link:

1. State your name, username, and which voltage guy is your hubby

2. Where are you from?

3. Read these names aloud:

  • Ichiniyagi, Subaru
  • Ichinomiya, Eisuke
  • Kashiwabara, Atsumu
  • Hirukawa, Takuto
  • Higashiyama, Soji
  • Utsonomiya, Haruka
  • Levaincois, Edward
  • Midorikawa, Homare
  • Zaizen, Akiyoshi
  • Toranosuke, Hajime
  • and last but not the least, Soryu Oh

4.  What is it called when you throw your feels all over the place?

5. What is a bubbly cross-dresser called?

6. What do you call Takuto’s favourite stuffed animal?

7. What do you call your father if he was the prime minister?

8. What do you call the wheeled contraption that helps clean Yamato and Daichi’s place?

9.  How long does it take for Takao to change a light bulb?

10. Go to this link. Choose your three favorite quotes and read them aloud.

11. Do you think you have an obsession?

12. Be a Thief or a Pirate?

13. Do you know anyone on tumblr whom you consider as your tumblr bestie? [give them a shoutout now!]


charlyze asked: "Wow! That Kyoga fanfic was just waaaay too hot! Haha! Thanks, I enjoyed reading it. Think, I'm going to play his route."




I totally fell in love with him in Chikage’s route and got the idea for this fic when he tries to steal you from him and says he wouldn’t force you into a sexual relationship with him if you didn’t want it. That he would be willing to protect you even though he would get nothing in return, I just, aaargh, THE FEELS. Seriously, I would’ve left Chikage for him in a heartbeat! Of course then the question becomes how long can he really wait when you are so tempting to him (and vice versa)? AND HOW HOT WOULD IT BE WHEN YOU FINALLY GIVE IN YOW XD

But what’s really, really interesting to me about Kyoga, and I’m gonna ramble on here in this ask cuz, well, it’s my blog and I can, is that honestly, he’s the first Voltage guy I’ve really liked that I think would actually like me back if he were to come to life. Like, I love Hideki but I think he’d think I was just a loudmouthed weirdo and steer clear of me, same with Josh who I don’t even think would find me physically attractive at all, and Alberto would be so absorbed in his work I don’t think he’d even look at me twice or even pick up on my signals no matter how much I hit on him. But Kyoga for some reason I see as actually saying with a huge grin, “Hey, you’re cute! Just my type! Wanna snuggle?”  WEIRD I KNOW. I have no idea what that says about my psychology at all, but I just find it interesting….

Awww! THAT’S SO SWEEEET! It sounds just like the loyalty a dog would grand you…BWAHAHA! Sorry, I had to say this.

I haven’t played Chikage’s route yet cuz I was busy playing with Shinra *awkward eyebrow game* hehe!

Someone told me that his route wasn’t worth the time. IS THIS TRUE? IS THIS BEAUTIFUL CALLBOY TENGU NOT WORTH MY MONEY AND MY TIME? *grabs your collar and shakes you violently* WHY DON’T YOU ANSWER MEEE?


I personally did not care for Chikage. I was intrigued by him after playing Miyabi’s epi where he seems rather sweet, but in his own route he’s very different. He’s so cold and aloof that he makes Ishigami look like freakin’ Sora. Even in his epi after you’ve proclaimed your love, the amount of verbal taunts he lobs at you just did not sit well with me. I don’t know if you’ve played Ninja Love, but he reminded me a lot of Saizo. However, if you like that kind of character he’d be right up your alley. I suggest talking to cattiepon who absolutely adores him to get a more favorable perspective on him so you can make a decision.

Even though I didn’t care for him, I still would recommend playing his route for two reasons - Koten and Kyoga.  Koten is Chikage’s little apprentice and he is so freakin’ cute and adorable your heart’s gonna explode. I love Koten so much that when he showed up in Shinra’s route I squealed. YES I FANGIRLED OVER THIS LITTLE TENGU I REGRET NOTHING

And as for Kyoga, unlike being just a background character like in Miyabi and Shinra’s routes, he’s part of the love triangle Voltage sets up between you, him and Chikage. And let me tell you, he’s fucking amazing in this role. He’s supportive, considerate, sensitive, mature - a total foil for Chikage. He completely and totally stole my heart to the point I had to write a smut about him even though his route isn’t even out yet. I really hope they don’t change his character in his own story because I will be super disappointed if he’s not the same guy I fell for in Chikage’s. But based on chiapeto's translation of one of his substories in the Koi Game Cafe I think he’s still going to be that warm, fuzzy sweetheart which makes me very happy to think about and eagerly anticipate his game even more.

Anyway hope this helps you in making your decision whether or not play Chikage!

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i dont even have guilty pleasures anymore i just like stuff and if people have a problem with that they can go fuck themselves

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Isn’t there something weird about this?